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BourbonOn was born when four middle aged dads who were just introduced to bourbon realized how often guys (unnecessarily) tackle challenges and the stresses of life alone. We promised to stay connected, promised to have each other’s six and promised to create a movement that gets guys talking... The bourbon, and the incredible craft that surrounds it, is the glue.

What started out as a simple idea to stay connected has turned into, well, hundreds of glasses (and too many bottles to count), the introduction of a podcast, a website, and a social presence with dozens of posts and hundreds of followers. 18-months into the journey, The Bourbon Boys (that's what we like to call ourselves) are still at it. We’ve learned a bit, laughed a lot and shared more than our wives would like. We just say that’s the Bourbon talkin’.

We are NOT bourbon aficionados... we are bourbon ENTHUSIASTS. We might know enough to be dangerous, we're not sure. But we've seen enough to be mesmerized by the craft, witness the power of bourbon to start conversations with strangers, reconnect old friends, and provide the backdrop to slow down and enjoy the ride. We're also blessed to have tasted enough to share our thoughts and recommendations on many bottles.  We love it when friends and family reach out and say "I'm at the liquor store, can you help me pick one?" 


Our ultimate goal is for others (like you) to join the conversation – share a bourbon reco, a connection story grounded in the brown water, or a cool pic. We'll happily share them with the podcast audience or like them on Instagram (just tag it #BourbonOn) - there is power in the stories!



David is the most sensitive of the Bourbon Boys.  Somewhat of a loner, he loves getting lost in jigsaw puzzles and romance novels. Known as Norm to the folks at most ABC Stores in central and western North Carolina, Kratt is always looking for a new flavor to compete with his favorite, Basil Hayden.



Alton is a career Marketer, serial problem solver and aspiring woodworker. A proud Clemson alum (Go Tigers!), he's also an avid St Louis Cardinals fan. Husband and father of 2 kids, the goal is to retire early, travel a little, run more, and break 80... In the meantime, Playing to good NC bourbon, Conviction is at the top of his pour list and he's waiting for someone to treat him to a taste of the Pig!



Easy-going, creative, social guy who puts friendship and family at the top of the list. Love my coffee and bourbon alike.  With an affinity for travel and being outdoors, I'm working on seeing and relishing the simpler things in life.  Woodford Reserve my fav - chasing Pappy (like the rest of us)



DEW is a career creative director originally from the Boston area.  He's still a Pats/Bs/Cs/Sox fan even though he's now in Panther Country.  Husband to his jr high sweetheart and father to 4 great kids (adults), he's found a passion for personal finance and bourbon. Woodford Double Oaked is my go-to until I find Pappy.

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